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Comment te préparer pour une compétition

Dernière mise à jour : 8 févr. 2021

7 étapes pour donner le meilleur de toi-même

You've done your prep, you've worked hard, you've sweated and got sore, you've been frustrated and tried again, you have put your ego aside to grow, you've put a big deal of energy into this upcoming moment. Here are my TIPS for giving your best when the moment comes to shine on the dance floor!


Visualize in your mind YOUR VERSION OF SUCCESS - whether it is a routine, an improv, whether it's couple or solo, make sure to SEE it before it happens. You might find it hard at first, but the more you'll do it, the better you will be (in your mind and in real life!)


Use the FLOOR TRIAL times at your disposition to feel what the room is like, how the floor feels under your shoes, what objects you will be able to use a reference, what obstacles might be in your way. As much as possible, do a full run and remember the old adage... "bad rehearsal, good show"... your body will know what it did wrong and will know the traps not to fall into when the time to do it in front of the judges comes. Be grateful it happened before and make the necessary efforts to clear up any confusing elements.


If you have air steps in your routine, you must have a SAFE execution at least a couple of weeks before the comp! Do not try anything new, or that is shaky the days prior to the comp! Your body's safety is much more important than that particular air step. Furthermore, the crowd will not appreciate an aerial if it is not done with ease and grace. So do not hesitate to fall back in a simpler version of that air step or to replace it with a good ol' swing out with a fierce attitude!


BREATHE in, breathe out. The day of your comp, make sure to pause and take a couple of long breaths, 5sec in, 5 sec out. This will greatly help you relax and focus. If you have a partner, do it with her/him.


In the last 2 hours (minimum!) before a comp, STOP REHEARSING. Your work is done, it might not be as great as you would like, but trust me, it never is. And your mental prep and your down time will benefit more your performance than frantically trying a move that doesn't satisfy you to no end. Go to that place where you can tell yourself: " I have done my job, this competition is important but I will also have other opportunities to compete in the future, so for this time around, I will give my all with the work I have done so far, and it will be magic because it will be authentic". Right before showing up on the dance floor, repeat to yourself that you are ready and go on enjoy your moment where hard work becomes art and shared inspiration !


Make sure to WARM UP before your comp! Bring that heartbeat up and heat up these muscles. Don't rely on adrenaline only! Find a place where you can start moving without over-exerting yourself, the idea is to put your body in a state where it's ready to give it's best.


Don't forget that regardless of the amount of preparation, the best performance will occur when you let go of the control, believe that destiny will give you what you need, and that ENJOYING your moment will recruit your ressources for the most meaningful, beautiful performance.

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