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Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens teaching the Shim Sham

Why aspiring dancers or seasoned dancers can always benefit from referring to Frankie's teachings, a true legend and ambassador of Lindy Hop.

In this clip, he teaches the famous Shim Sham routine who's origins date back in the 20's. This routine is made from solo Jazz steps and he himself created that particular version of the routine in the 80's so he could teach it around the world and have everybody so willing to learn and join in the fun. The Shim Sham also has roots in tap dancing and it seems like many versions evolved from the same common root.

I will never ever get tired of going back to Frankie Manning's teachings, I am always reminded of important things.

1- The JOY in everything swing, especially the simplest. 2- Repete, REPETE, repete. 3- Tacky Ann..... in this clip he mentions Tacky Annies being Tacky Anns.... So now I heard Tacky Annie, Tack Annie, Tacky Ann. So funny how the "eee" sound just gets moved all over with the historical telephone game. Amusing. So if you are beginner, and wanna learn the famous Shim Sham, or if you are seasoned dancer/teacher and are curious about how the great Ambassador of Lindy Hop used to teach this significant routine of solo Jazz, there you have it. Going back to his teaching ALWAYS is a useful delight.

Enjoy this clip from 1995 with his partner Erin Stevens and have yourself a jazzy day.

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